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Location: 2211 San Pablo Avenue
Berkeley, California
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"Mark-Jason Solofa, Men's Grooming" is a premium men's grooming lifestyle brand that is rooted in Traditional Barbering. As a private gentleman's grooming and shave parlor, we  cater to the discerning gentleman who appreciates quality over quantity, who values tradition and craftsmanship, and who understands that you can not put a price on being well-groomed. As an appointment only, traditional barber shop, we specialize in classic and vintage men's haircuts with clean lines and timeless appeal, as well as the age old practice of straight razor shaving. We pride our work on precision and attention to details, reminiscent of a time in American history when all things of fine quality were handcrafted with great workmanship. Appointments and availability are limited to ensure that no service is rushed, as well as to ensure that all haircuts and shaves are performed at the highest quality standards that we can deliver. Classic barbering, in a 1930's/40's themed traditional barber shop, "Mark-Jason Solofa, Men's Grooming" is a true gentleman's parlor that offers men refuge and haven from the stresses and rigors of everyday living. It is a place where once a month, scholars, scoundrels, hooligans, and ruffians alike can come in for a haircut or shave, get off the grid, and relax in the company of Gentlemen.  Whether it's sharing stories about fatherhood, family, friendships, fellowship or faith, or simply closing one's eyes and listening to the pulse of the Parlor whilst relaxing in our vintage Barber chairs, all men need to look, act, be treated, and leave feeling like a gentleman! "Mark-Jason Solofa, Men's Grooming",....where we are "Grooming Men To Be Better Men." ™
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