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Hi my name is Adriana. I am 21 years old from the Bay Area. I am a high school graduate and I am also a certified makeup artist. I went to Blush School of Makeup which is accredited by the NACCAS (national accreditating of career art and science) and authorized by the BPPE (bureau for private postsecondary education). With my time at Blush I learned all aspects of makeup and education subjects behind makeup. In my makeup courses I learned, bridal, HD, airbrush, special effects, photography just to name a few. In the education portion I learned anatomy, bacterial studies, chemistry, history and such. I completed schooling in July of 2017 and began to the Santa Rosa Junior College August 2017. I am currently still a student at the SRJC, I am working towards my associates in art, filmmaking, and film studies, possibly adding art history to the bunch. I have always had a passion for art and film and through makeup I was able to combine my passion of the two. My goal is to eventually work for Blumhouse Productions. It is my favorite movie company for the fact they do original horror films on such a small budget, it’s inspiring to see what can be done with such a small amount of funding. Currently I am looking for jobs in the makeup field. I have previous work experience from Macy’s. I was a cosmetics associate from November 2016-August 2017 while I was studying at Blush I worked with many brands such as Too Faced, Tarte, Benefit, Bobbi Brown, Urban Decay and such. I also had to the chance to train with representatives and free lance artists with the brands and help out in events. Such as Benefits Boing concealer launch. Smashbox’s event with Vladamua and their new metal lipsticks. I also worked with Urban Decay for their Naked Heat collection. I am hoping to grow more as an artist with opportunities such as the one I applied for. I won’t decline any sort of opportunity to practice my makeup skills even if it’s unpaid, as such I have worked with Blind Scream Haunted House as a performer and makeup artist in both special effects and airbrush makeup. I was also able to volunteer for a high school Prom in Santa Rosa after the October fires happened and many girls lost makeup, dresses, hair tools etc. Through my current history I feel I’ve learned the ins and outs of makeup and what kind of message makeup sends to consumers and non consumers. I’ve had to the chance to meet incredible people, such as a woman who came to the Bobbi Brown counter I was currently working at and she told me about how she’d lost her job and had little to no money but she still wanted to spend what little she had on a new lipstick. I spent a lot of time with her to make sure the lipstick she bought is perfect. I’ve learned through my buisness and history classes too about the power of makeup, like the fact that during the Great Depression makeup sales went up, people having that one little thing that made them feel their best helped them keep charisma throughout some hard times and I’ve noticed how that effect still occurs today. Makeup has showed me and taught me so much and I cannot wait to see what opportunities may come next. Thank you for taking time to stop by. -Adriana Z Alvarez Espinoza Stilettos and Coffina
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