beauty advisors in Pleasanton , CA
Location: 77 West Angela Street
Pleasanton, California


Having a previous business background and deciding to make a change into the beauty industry 5 years ago was the best decision I have ever made, and is by far something that sets me apart. Not only do I have love for hair and beauty, but for people! Understanding, and communicating with my clients is the key! Wants, needs, and expectations are all something I make sure we are on the same page about, which can allow for the best results! I'm very honest, transparent, and fun loving, clients are spending so much time in my chair sometimes it nice to have fun and have the time fly am I right? I remember what it is like to be a client looking for a stylist that is a right fit and that I could trust, it can be scary. So I try and make that new decision just a little bit easier! On going education is something that I am very passionate about and that I continue to pursue! This industry is always changing and I love knowing whats new and up coming!
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