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Rarely do we meet a stylist who has but one trick up their sleeve. Usually there’s a tint brush, an arsenal of brushes and a scissor collection in their repertoire, but Deb Monti has one thing on her mind- extensions. As a salon owner specializing in micro-links, Monti has seen her share of botched extensions over the years that are not only ruining women’s hair, but the extension industry itself. (as a whole) For the past decade Monti is all about extensions- the methods, color matching, blending and precision application. In the extension world, she was ahead of her time. Fast forward to the here and now, and you will see almost every salon trying to do extensions, but the education isn’t catching up to the demand. After seeing so many bad extensions come through her salon, Deb’s vision was to teach the stylists the correct way to not only apply extensions, but to actually educate them on the entire extension process, and that’s when she created and founded Milvali Extension Academy. For more info go to
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