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Location: 4470 Laguna Boulevard
Elk Grove, California
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My name is Anna Paskevichyan, and I am a makeup artist in the Sacramento area. I am known as "LuxyMakeupbyAnna" on Instagram and YouTube. I began my makeup artist journey as a freelance makeup artist in 2013, and continue until this day to do makeup for individuals consistently. Likely the most noteworthy aspect off my career is that fact that I am currently an educator for Sacramento's first and only makeup school, "Pinky Rose Makeup Academy," located in Elk Grove Sacramento. As a part of my job, I am able to teach beginners and advanced artists of all ages my signature techniques so that they themselves can become skilled professionals with MUA certifications. I see these students daily and am encouraged by their passion for makeup daily. Constantly, I am reminded of why I began doing makeup and why I fell in love with this lifestyle.
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