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The Beauty Influencer Brand embodies growth, and the freedom in finding beauty in life and in self. We are proud to announce an opportunity that will provide our community with the highest standard of beauty expertise the industry can offer! You can now subscribe to the lifestyle! For $9.99 per month you will gain TOTAL access to information and experiences with experts that Joy trusts, not only with herself, but with the people she connects them to. Each expert operates in their sincere gifts and talents and understands the concept of being in purpose through what they are gifted to do, whether it be beauty treatments, male grooming, self-defense, nutrition, health or the freedom of enjoying life to the fullest! We are ready to take you under the influence! Joy's mentor once said, “Everyone does not seek knowledge.” This quote speaks volumes as it will allow the serious #KnowledgeSeekers to expose themselves to limitless experiences! Through this journey we promise to continue to bring you the most exclusive, honest, fun and fresh information that is available. The brand truly thanks you in advance for the support of the movement to helping people create beautiful lives. Remember… Life Happens. Find Beauty.
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