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Shelly is a nurse, esthetician, aromatherapist and the founder of BeautyShamans, a nontoxic skincare line. She specializes in microneedling, cosmetic lasers, beauty injections and home care skin rituals. Her nursing background and strong belief in nontoxic living led her to create a skincare line that meets the skin's "nutritional" standards while remaining free from chemicals or unnatural ingredients. Using powerful blends of time-tested ingredients from the ocean and earth (including seaweed, silver, liquid oxygen, plankton extracts, coconuts, isotonic seawater, and floral essences), BeautyShamans products help slow the aging process by delivering minerals and trace nutrients which are vital for cellular metabolism and regeneration. To view her beauty product collection, please visit To book a service with Shelly, you can email her at
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Commented: Does getting Botox hurt?

Botox hurts less than getting your blood drawn (or it may be about the same discomfort for some). I ask my clients to close their eyes while I inject if they are afraid of the pain. I've...

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