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For over 25 years, Tony has changed the lives of over 8 million people… …with his personal brand of humor, motivation, exercise and expert advice on the importance of nutrition. He has impacted world-class athletes, professional sport teams, celebrities, the U.S. Military, and millions of people across the world. And now he’s proud to introduce the world to TH Care by Tony Horton, a new revolutionary way to ensure the care of your skin and hair. Tony joined forces with Ultimate Salon Professionals Inc. Co-founder, Patrick Dockry, to create a new Hair and Skin line perfect for those looking to push their bodies to the limits, all the while nurturing and moisturizing the largest organ on their bodies, their skin. Introducing TH Care by Tony Horton Workout Hair and Body Wash and Fitness Face and Skin Spray. Take your skin and hair care as seriously as you take your health and fitness, with TH Care – a fitness-friendly line of pH balanced and stable products free from sulfates, parabens, colorants, and harmful chemicals. Combining together science and nature, Tony and Patrick have created one of the highest performing hair and skin care lines on the market.
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