estheticians in Daly City , CA
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My name is Anna and I'm a California licensed cosmetologist specializing in eyelash extensions. This is a good service for you if you're looking to get thicker, fuller and lengthier eyelashes. I use quality products for this procedure; quality medical glue that are formaldehyde and latex free are used. I carefully map out the sizes to create a set that will be fitting for your eyelashes. It won't be heavy, damaging or too long. Other Services I provide include -Skin Care Facials -Lash Lifts aka Eyelash Perms -Hair Removal
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Commented: How long do eyelash extensions last?

It can usually last up to a month maybe even longer but it all depends on a persons lash cycle ( how fast or slow a persons lash sheds) and how it's cared for as well.

3 years ago in advice