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Facial plastic surgery is a very personal experience. You want a surgeon with excellent technical skills refined through hard work and experience, of course, but one who is also a confidant, someone with whom you feel comfortable sharing your goals and motivations. Dr. Chase Lay is a rare facial Facial Plastic Surgeon in the Bay Area located in San Jose who encompasses all of those traits. Raised and educated in Texas, where he earned his medical degree at the University of Texas, Dr. Lay completed his residency in Head and Neck Surgery at Southern Illinois University. While there, he performed more than 1,500 functional, reconstructive, and cosmetic procedures on the face and in particular the eyes and periorbital area. As a facial plastic surgeon trained in Head & Neck Surgery, Dr. Lay understands the importance of maintaining proper form and function of the eyes, nose, and face when performing cosmetic or reconstructive surgery. After leaving Illinois, Dr. Lay completed an additional one-year AAFPRS accredited Facial Plastics Fellowship. Since 2010, Dr. Lay has performed more than 5,000 cosmetic and reconstructive procedures on the face and eyes with his primary focus being Asian Eyelid Surgery (sometimes referred to as Double Eyelid Surgery), fat transfer, and Asian Rhinoplasty. The cornerstone of Dr. Lay’s plastic surgery philosophy is to improve your appearance while maintaining a natural look. That’s been a guiding principle since early in his career, when he decided to focus on facial plastic surgery in general and specialize in Asian eye surgery. Men and women considering facial plastic surgery throughout the San Francisco Bay Area choose Dr. Lay. More information on Chase Lay MD: Instagram: @chaselaymd YouTube: @chaselaymd Facebook: @chaselaymd Twitter: @chaselaymd https://www.chaselaymd.com Email: surgery@chaselaymd.com Tel (408) 728-8887
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