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At Eos Rejuvenation, we recognize that while true beauty starts from within, sometimes what we see in the mirror just doesn’t reflect what we feel inside. This disconnect diminishes our confidence and sews self-doubt. Bringing that mirror’s reflection into harmony with the inner beauty you’ve always possessed, in a manner that looks both natural and yet, stays true to the real you … that is our mission. Doctor Nima Shemirani (“Dr. Nima”), founder and visionary of Eos Rejuvenation, firmly believes that achieving a natural, beautiful and youthful appearance is an art form not unlike great sculpting. And as with any true artist, his goal is not to create but, to reveal the beauty that already exists. At Eos Rejuvenation, we see this as a journey patient and doctor undertake together in honest collaboration, forming a true bond. And it is this bond – this relationship – which is perhaps the most important to us. This journey matters to us. Our patients matter to us. You matter to us!
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