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Prizm Nails is a private nail studio in Oakland, CA, and is owned by Founding Nail Artist, Rozel Cruz (@rororo.your.boat on Instagram). Prizm Nails specializes in healthy nail care and bespoke nail art.
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Commented: Does the matte top coat make it last longer?

Hi Keri, this matte top coat acts just like any other glossy top coat and seals the gel polish underneath. This same client came back after 3+ weeks and everything was still in tact. Thanks!

3 years ago in advice
Commented: How long does matte black nail color last?

Hi Kate! Thanks for your kind words. I’ve tried a few different matte top coats and I love the Presto one. It has the same wear time as glossy top coats - 2-4 weeks.

3 years ago in advice